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In the Shop
  • phoca_thumb_m_101_0036Here are the current projects we are enjoying working on out in the shop.  See below for details on each project:
    • '27 Ford rear fenders
    • '62 Chevy pickup visor
    • '21 "T" speedster
    • '30 "A" closed-cab pickup
    • '32 Ford frame
    • '30 "A" Coupe body
    • Red and white speedster
    • '25 "T" racer
    • '37 Studebaker

    '27 Ford rear fenders -  No rear fenders are available for '26 & '27 "T" coupes.  Especially not 3" wider than stock.  Here is a pair in-the-build.

    '62 Chevy pickup visor -  Re-patterning was necessary to blend the new front dimension to the side curve.  The front edge was then wire-edged rather than simply folded over.

    '21 "T" speedster -  I had some "T" chassis and mechanical parts that needed a body, and I got this buggy seat at last year's Chickasha event, and it needed a chassis.  I wanted a period-correct, early style car, but still unique.  So here it is, so far, with authentic construction materials, including rivets.

    '30 Ford closed-cab pickup -  My dad gave me this well-preserved AA grain truck to restore, but I had no room for an AA, so I restored the cab and set it on a restored passenger frame.  I am building it to what he may have liked for a shop truck before the war.  It has some '40s modifications partially done;  louvered visor, de-arched rear spring, and not shown are de-arched front spring, '35 axle, '35 wheels, hopped-up banger, and the signature SPEEDSTERS 'flying beehive' louvered hood sides.

    '32 Ford frame -  A true vintage dragster frame, though rusty and rough at first.  Many weeks of labor were required to restore the surface and dimensions.  Retained are the "A" front cross-member, stock K-member, '40 rear cross-member, added kick and bobbed rear horns.  All riveting has been authentically and properly done for correct strength and appearance.  A 24-stud flat-head and top-loader will send power via torque-tube to the banjo differential.

    '30 "A" Coupe body - A local family had housed this original paint, no rust, complete car for decades.  New owner, Kevin G., drove the car to me last Thursday morning, leaving me instructions to not damage the original top inset when I chop it 4 inches and mate it to the '32 frame.  By 4:30 pm the body was separated and the running chassis and fenders had gone to a restorer.

    Red and white speedster -   A little different from the previous "A"-based speedsters in the hood and in the tail.  The hood is retained by dzus fasteners rather than belts.  It incorporates in its sides, both the SPEEDSTERS flying beehive louver pattern and 5 adjustable doors raked back at a racy angle.  The tail is longer, with no compound shape, and a more dramatic profile.

    '25 "T" racer -  This is the beginning of a 1925 Fronty D.O.-powered, one-man fairgrounds racer / hill-climber.  SPEEDSTERS has been commissioned to design and construct the body for this car.

    '37 Studebaker Dictator Coupe -  The metal fabrication, repair, bodywork, and paint work on this car were sublet to SPEEDSTERS from Jim Barber's Restoration Connection.  Special tooling had to be made to accurately replicate the floor.  Much research and three-dimensional patterning was required to determine the correct shape for the rear body panel and parts of the fenders.  Thanks to Paul's Paints of Kansas City, the correct original metallic paint has been perfectly matched.